6 Bizarre but Effective Ways to Workout with a Rowing Machine

Rowing Machines have become one of the most known equipment in today’s world which offer you a lot of benefits and advantages. But there are some not so common moves which you could perform with the help of your row machine and still get the desired result. You don’t need to row for these workouts but you can still utilize your rowing machine, sounds incredible right?

Here are a few workouts which you can perform with the help of your row machine without actually rowing on it:


Keep the seat near the machine end and lie on your stomach parallel to the machine rail. Keep your palms on the floor and at a shoulders-width distance. Put your toes on the seat and assume the plank position. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Toe Drop

Move your machine set to one corner so that it doesn’t interfere with your workout. Now, get two 1-3 pound dumbbells and hold them close to your chest. Place your right toe on the rail facing towards the machine and bend your knee such that it follows the sight of your toes. Now bend forward your body from waist up towards the direction of your toes.

Once you have assumed this position, move your left toe to the left side of the rail and then without changing your position, take your left toe above the rail and touch the right side of the rail. Do 8-10 reps of this and then switch the legs and repeat this for the other leg too.


Sitting Diagonal Twists

Sit on the seat and strap your feet in. Grab the middle of the bars with an underhand and keep your right hand on your right hip. Now, lean back by 45 degrees and stretch out your left arm. Now turn your left palm towards your body on the left side while trying to elbow the space behind you.

The moment bar reaches your left side, turn your body left and hold this position. Then release and turn back towards the machine and release your hold on the bar too. Complete 10 reps of this and then switch sides.

Biceps pull

Make yourself comfortable on the seat of the machine and strap in your feet. Now push your seat backward and extend your arms forward. Grab the ends of the bar in an underhand grip and pull it towards your chest. Make sure that your shoulders are away from your ears and then lean back from waist up at a 45-degree angle. You can check the benefits of biceps pull.

Now, do one rep by bending your elbows and bringing the bar towards your shoulder, this will ensure that your biceps are kept occupied. Keep the bar near your shoulder for a few seconds and then release it back to its original position.

Biceps pull

Plank Knee Push

Place the seat to the front of the machine and keep your upper body faced towards the tail end. Place your palms on the ground near the rail end and keep your hands at a shoulder-width apart. Now place your toes on the seat and place your body in a straight line parallel to the machine rail.

Make sure that you keep your shoulders away from the ears and then slide the seat forward with the help of your legs. Ensure that your knees come near your chest in each forward seat movement. Hold this position for a few seconds and then release.

Cleaved Squats

Keep the rower seat near the tail end side. Now grab a 1 – 3-pound dumbbells in both the hands and hold them at your sides with the palms facing each other. Stand with your back to the seat, your toes facing in the direction of the machine’s back and on the right side of the rail.

Keep your hips straight while facing forward and then place your right toe on the seat behind you with heel up. Your right knee should be behind your right toes and slowly lower your body till your right thigh is parallel to the ground.

Hold this position then use your left heels to push up and go back to the original standing position. This would constitute as one rep. Do 10 more of these and then switch the sides.

Cleaved Squats

Eight Week Challege

8 Week Challenge

The school is getting ready to start in four days (FOUR DAYS!!) and I have to admit I’m a little sad.  Probably the biggest reason is that I’ve been enjoying sleeping until 8:30 every morning and not having to worry about when I go to bed.  I’m going to miss that.

One of the things I was going to do this summer was to clean up and clean out.  I tend to hang on to things far longer than I should and I also collect weird things to use in my crafting.  Since my daughter has started crafting, our house could probably qualify for an episode of “Hoarders in the Making” or “How It All Starts.”  Not really what I’m wanting.Of course, I waited until much too late to do my cleaning up and cleaning out.  This is my way of telling you I didn’t do it.  At all.  I barely did laundry each week.  I enjoyed my summer.  A whole lot.

Of course, now that I’m ready to buckle down, I have to go back to work and the kids are back in school.  I need a way to do this that’s somewhat painless.  I decided to put my family through an eight-week challenge.

Like the graphics?? Here’s how it’s going down in our house.

Each and every week for the next eight weeks, we are going to fill two GINORMOUS trash bags.  One will be filled with things to donate.  The other will be filled with trash, the things I’ve been hanging on to “just in case” but can’t be donated: things like broken crockery I was saving for mosaics and the holey shirts I was saving for the fabric.  Obviously, if it can be recycled, we will do that (three dozen sour cream containers, anyone?).  We have to do this EVERY WEEK for eight weeks.

I am hoping this helps put things into perspective for me.  I have a tendency to hang on to things that I really shouldn’t.  For example, I always buy two pairs of snow boots every year at garage sales for my kids.  Do they need two pairs?  Sometimes.  Realistically, it’s two days every winter when school is canceled for two days in a row and they spend the entire day outside.  But, with a bit of pre-planning and a bit of organization, I can DONATE that second pair of boots and the kids can set their boots out to dry when they take them off, instead of kicking them into the corner.  There are lots of kids that could use that second pair.  We don’t need to.

I’ve already filled half a bag full of clothing that we don’t wear often enough to warrant keeping.  I’m hoping this helps keep me accountable and purging.

Good luck to me!