Best Bathroom Scales – Top Picks for 2017

Looking for a new Bathroom scale for yourself? Then, you would love our list of best bathroom scales which not only provide an accurate reading but also offer you additional features to maintain your body.

Weight Gurus – 0375

Price: $60

The best Bathroom scale which displays the most accurate weight and fat-percentage readings. It uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and gives you a consistent fat reading every time. This is the ideal bathroom scale for anyone who is looking to reduce some fat and keep a track of their progress. This scale gives the most accurate weight reading after repeated weigh-ins and is off by only 0.17-1 % which is manageable. You can also upload your data to your phone and apps like FitBit, Google Fit, etc. and displays the data on the scale screen until your phone is connected via Bluetooth again.

EatSmart – ESBS – 01

Price: $19.95

One of the most inexpensive Bathroom scales which gives you a decent accuracy in both weight tests and body weight tests. This bathroom scale costs less than $20 and comes with a huge display which makes it easy to read the weight. The measurement is displayed for 9 seconds on a blue backlit screen and it measures your weight quickly too. It also comes with a free body tape measure which is easy to use and self-measure yourself.

EatSmart – ESBS – 01

Greater Goods – 0390

Price: $16

Another standard bathroom scale which costs less than $20 and gives you a consistent and accurate weight reading. This scale comes with a 3.3-inch display screen which has a blue backlighting and shows your weight for 5 seconds after you get down from the scale. One drawback of this scale is that it doesn’t have good-quality non-slip pads at the bottom and it uses CR2032 batteries but if you can ignore these two shortcomings, this is a great bathroom scale to invest in.

Kinzi DBS – 1000

Price: $60

One of the most accurate and consistent weight reading scales in today’s market is the Kinzi DBS – 1000 which comes with a 3.3-inch display screen and runs on two CR2032 batteries. This scale is lightweight with its 400-pound weight but its black backlighting makes it difficult to read the measurements. However, since this scale displays the measurements for 11 seconds, one can easily focus and figure out their weight reading. Another drawback of this bathroom scale is that its non-slip pad isn’t that effective but apart from this, it is a pretty good deal for anyone who is looking for an accurate bathroom scale.


Price: $45

Another great smart scale which is a top performer in measuring weights, INEVIFIT is one of those smart scales which doesn’t come with an app feature. It is also decent in recording fat readings and can store up to 10 users details at a time. It is also good at detecting different users so there is no need for you to select yourself every time. Overall, this is a decent scale for anyone who doesn’t want an app to track their progress.


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