Dip Dyed T Shirt

I love the look of a dip-dyed shirt.  This is one of my favorites that I found on Etsy.

I know that this wouldn’t look the same on me. . . mostly because I don’t have that figure.  I decided to make myself a t-shirt using the same concept.

Be impressed.  It’s very hard to take a photo of yourself in the mirror when you are sucking it in as hard as you can.

This project cost me less than $5.  I bought a package of Rit Dye for $1.99 and a clearance man’s white T for $2.49.

I mostly followed the directions on the box but tweaked it a bit to get the look I was wanting.

Clean out your sink and add about two gallons of hot water.  Pour half the dye packet into the water.

Hang onto the top of the t-shirt and dip your WET t-shirt into the dye up to the armpits.  Swish it a bit while keeping it in the water for a couple of minutes.  Don’t over swish or you will get wave marks in the t-shirt.  See my mistake!

Add half of the dye that is left in the packet to your water and dips about halfway down.

Keep in the water, swishing a bit, for a few minutes.  Add the last of the packet and dunk just the end into the water.  Swishing will keep the dye from making a solid line.

At this point, I realized I didn’t quite care for the white-white with the teal so I filled up the sink almost to the top with water to really dilute the dye.  I dunked the entire shirt for about a minute and then pulled out.  Ring it out and put in a garbage bag on your counter to dry out for a few hours.

It will still be very damp but that’s okay.  You will start to rinse the shirt in hot water, gradually adding cold until the water is cold and is running clear from your shirt.

Toss into the washer with a load of something you don’t care about (towels, in my case) and wash with laundry soap.  It will fade. . . a lot.  I believe that leaving it the dye longer will make the color darker but I wasn’t looking for anything too dramatic.


If I do it again:

1.  I’d be more careful when dying it so that I didn’t wish too much.  There’s a weird spot right around the boobs where it splashed up.
2.  I would probably leave the shirt in the dye a little longer.  I wanted something sort of muted with this color because teal can get very bright very fast.  I would love to do a denim blue color that fades to white.

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