Easy Sew, No Pin Sofa Pillow

I got out the sewing machine to do a few projects this evening.  You all know how I feel about sewing.

The thing is, I really do have the best of intentions.  I look at fabric and see so many possibilities.  For a moment, I forget that I hate to sew and that I do a very, very bad job of it.  Before I know it, the fabric is cut an in my cart and there’s no turning back.

I’ve been pretty good lately but I recently saw a remnant that was the perfect addition to my sofa.  Not as is, of course, but after it was made into a cushy sofa pillow. Start with a hunk of fabric.  When it’s folded in half, it should be a tad larger than the size of pillow you want to make.

Fold right sides (the good sides) together. Stitch three and a half sides together.  I like to leave my opening in the middle of a side.  It makes it easier to do the corners. Cut off the corners, but don’t cut over the line you sewed.

Flip it inside out and poke out those corners until they look right.  Stuff it with cotton batting.  Or, if you’re like me, stuff it with fake snow.  I bought bags and bags of it when it was on clearance at Michaels after Christmas.  I paid twenty-five cents a bag and it’s just like batting, except with a little bit of sparkle.

Take your opening and fold in your fabric and pinch it closed.  Start sewing it closed with your sewing machine.  Or, if you’re not as lazy as I am and you want it to look nicer, hand sew it with a hidden stitch.  You will have to Google hidden stitches because I stink at those.

Huzzah!  You have a pillow!

Add it to your couch where you have painstakingly placed other pillows.  Know that it will look like this for less than thirty seconds before a kid or a husband will come along and rearrange it so that they can lay on them.

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