Make It! Wooden Door Mat

I recently splurged and bought a great rug for my patio.  I love the colors and the style.  I needed another mat for in front of my garage door but that is where the dirty boots and muddy lawn mower wheels enter.  I didn’t want to put a nice rug in front of that door because it wouldn’t last.

So I made this

it’s made out of wood and it’s a very easy project to do.  Here’s what you need:

Five (plus or minus, depending on how big you want your mat) 1x2s.  I used cheap pine at 75 cents apiece.  TIP:  Make sure to get all boards with rounded edges or all boards with sharp edges.  I didn’t so I have a “front” and a “back” (right side and wrong side!).

Rope (I used Sisal Rope)
Nuts (I grabbed 1/2 inch ones since my rope was 3/8)
Paint (I used two colors of outdoor latex paint)
Sealer (I used a can of Krylon Sealer spray)

Start by deciding how big you want your mat.  I decided on 24×36 inches.  I cut all my boards to 24 inches and cut twenty to give me the finished 36 inches.

You will need to drill a hole in each board four inches from the end so that each board gets two holes.  Make sure to drill through the long way, not the short way. Using a drill press makes the process easier but isn’t necessary.

Paint your boards.  Decide on the pattern you want and make sure you have enough boards to lay the pattern out.  I decided on brown and teal and my pattern is very basic.  I am starting with one brown and ending with one brown but the boards will be twice thick in the middle. b = brown; t = teal  (b-t-t-b-b-t-t-b-b-t-t-b-b-t-t-b-b-t-t-b).  Decide on a pattern BEFORE you paint them so that you paint the right number of boards the right color.  When dry, spray seals them.
Cut two long pieces of rope and tie a knot at the end of each one.  String on board by putting the rope through your holes.  Space the boards with a nut.
When you reach the last board, tie a knot.  I added a dab of glue to the knots as I tried them so they wouldn’t come undone.
You’re finished!  I’d suggest leaving some slack so that the mat is a little more forgiving.  The spaces in the boards will allow water and mud to run off the shoes and it’s a lot more durable than a pretty patio rug!  I think that this will look even nicer as it weathers and fades a bit!

If I do it again:

1.  I would make sure my 1×2 boards were all the same finishes.

2.  I like the color but think it would look neat natural, too.

3.  To make it cheaper, I may forgo the nuts and just tie knots or string on big wooden beads.

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